REMIC Toastmasters Club – 12 month membership

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The REMIC Toastmaster club membership includes membership to Toastmasters International as well as membership to the REMIC Toastmasters club.

REMIC Toastmasters holds bi-weekly meetings and includes REMIC’s unique take on the Toastmasters program.

  • “We all know how important communication is in business and in life and how daunting it can be to many; Toastmasters’ program develops confidence in people to effectively communicate.” – Mike Fasulo, President and CEO of Sony Electronics Inc.
  • “Toastmasters has changed my life for the better.  It helped me find my voice… a more confident me” – Maria Martinez, Learning Facilitator, Centre for Behavioral Excellence, Wipro

With Toastmasters you will:

  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Build leadership skills
  • Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
  • Experience networking opportunities in a small and supportive environment
  • Build self-confidence and self-awareness
  • Experience unlimited personal growth
  • learn how to maximize your potential